toast 1To me, toast is bread only brown and better
It is crisp, and beautiful
It is crunchy and fun
It is not afraid to transform and be different
There is more than one way to toast it
And it is not afraid of coming together with other things
It can be part of a team or on its own.
Strong, its identity is not found in who it associates with
It knows what it brings and is confident in it.


Welcome to the site that elevates the race. It won’t just be pie in the sky everybody love each other. It will be truth that cuts to the quick. It will tear away what is wrong and hopefully start the healing process. It will be hope because we are all still breathing. Like a good meal, it will be the sustenance you need to process what is happening around you. Thanks for joining me!

If we compare the relative progress, African Americans have made in education and employment to the struggle to gain control overhow we are represented, particularly in the mass media, we see that there have been little change in the area of representation. — bell hooks