Now Is The Time To Make A Difference

Oxygen is something we take for granted.  We assume that we will always have it to use any way we want. We believe it will always be there. We even believe we have a right to it.

Truth is, if we didn’t have it, we would not be able to live.

Because many of us have had access to it, we assume voting for our elected officials is something we will always be able to do.  We miss the fact that most of the people born in The United States did not have the right to vote for the people who made laws that govern them.

The people in power created laws like poll taxes and grandfather clauses to limit the number of people who could vote.  They understand the power in picking elected officials.  They used the lack of education and knowledge of the voting rules to keep undesirable people away from the polls. Today they create specialized rules like a prison record or immigration status to deny people the right to vote.  It keeps the few elites in power so that they can become richer and keep undesirables in their place.

You see it has only been a little over 50 years that African Americans had laws in place to protect their right to vote, followed closely by women who gained the right over 80 years ago. Even white men had to start a revolution to gain the right too chose who represented them in government more than 242 years ago.


These folks had to put their feet to the ground and fight for the right to vote. These men and women who with the sweat of their brows gave up more than we can imagine fighting for something they never attained. They wanted the right to vote. They knew the power it held. But many never got to cast a ballot.

So go and cast your ballot for your ancestors who could not because there were laws in place to keep them from it. Cast your vote for women who marched and protested for 80 years before they had the right to vote.

You have the right. Make some time and do it.

When you give your freedom to someone else, you give up the right to live your life how you want to. You give up the right to be free.

I have spent these days encouraging people to vote because I believe in the right to a free government of the people, by the people, for the people.


We Are Almost A Country of Slaves

The population of the United States is estimated at almost 329,000,000 people, but less than half of those are registered to vote. That means less than half of us make the decisions for all of us.


Less than half of us vote in officials who decide who gets an education.

The type of education a person receives determines where the person lives, the type of income they have, the type of jobs they can get, the type of life they can lead.

The current administration has rolled back education for the majority of the population by destroying the Department of Education by filling the rolls with uneducated people who disrupt the process of learning for people who do not look like them.  The administration has turned the student loan program into a money making graft program where few get rich and students get a lifetime of debt.

The current administration is in the process of destroying corporations that may good wages to middle-income families so that they will have to move their operations overseas because of high tariffs. Those families will be stuck in low paying jobs that do not help them get out of debt or sustain their lives.

With no education and no job, individuals will be stuck doing low-income jobs for the few rich individuals who will continue to shrink human rights. Slave labor.

Our founding fathers understood what it was like to have rich people make all the rules without listening to the people it affected.  They understood what it was like to be mistreated. They started a revolution over.

White Women of the United States knew there was something in the power of picking elected officials and fought faithfully for 80 years for the right to vote. They did not give up. They did not grow weary, but with every year they picked up steam.

Even though African American men had the right to vote with the Fifteenth Amendment, they spent decades trying to claim that precious right. They took beatings over it. They staged marches and protests for it.

Something that cost so much, should not be given away for so little.

Go vote.

Vote numbers Oversome


toast 1To me, toast is bread only brown and better
It is crisp, and beautiful
It is crunchy and fun
It is not afraid to transform and be different
There is more than one way to toast it
And it is not afraid of coming together with other things
It can be part of a team or on its own.
Strong, its identity is not found in who it associates with
It knows what it brings and is confident in it.


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If we compare the relative progress, African Americans have made in education and employment to the struggle to gain control overhow we are represented, particularly in the mass media, we see that there have been little change in the area of representation. — bell hooks